Soul Communication and Accessing the Akashic Records can bring a deeper perspective, transparency, and understanding to the areas of your life that you are seeking help and clarification.

Sessions are done virtually over zoom or by phone, and can be recorded.

Payments may be made via:
Venmo (@Isayel-Vojtasek), PayPal (, or Square

Questions About Your Life or Wanting to Know Your Destiny?

Soul channeling via the Divine Realm and/or Akashic records can provide guidance for any aspect of your life and bring clarity for:

  • health issues
  • relationship challenges
  • work/business/career concerns
  • life purpose or soul’s mission

Sessions are geared to the individuals needs and relevant to their specific question that is addressed to Heaven. Prior to booking, think about an aspect of your life that you wish to ask heaven.

Isayel’s sessions are conducted in three parts.

Part #1
You will be guided in a meditation to access your higher self in order to facilitate you to receive information through images, symbols, colors, and words in the form of a question that is addressed to the Divine realm prior to going into the channeled session.

Part #2
The channeled session will be in a flow format where your chosen Heavenly being will speak through me to provide you with the answer to your question. Depending on the severity of your question this part may take several minutes as Heaven determines what is to come forth.

Part #3
I will ask you how you resonated with the information that came through and usually the person will have additional questions related to this information where further details may be given.

Sessions can be recorded.

Session Hours
M, T, W, Th, F, Su
10AM – 4:30PM
Last session @ 3PM

Session Prices
30 min Session: $50
1hr Session: $95
90 min Session: $120

Payments may be made via:
Venmo (@Isayel-Vojtasek)
PayPal (
or Square

Although I work with all kinds of situations, I do not engage in any kind of police or missing person issues or attempts to reveal personal information about another person.